26 mai 2015

Acheter des biens immobiliers en Tunisie

Tunisia remains the privileged destination of Europeans by its exceptional climate and its pleasant living environment.

In fact, there are more and more residents of French origin and others on Tunisian soil, because the proximity allows you to fly in 2h30 to this paradise land. It offers landscapes of history and a multitude of facets, between the kilometers of coastline, the ruins of Carthage and the desert there is only one step to take!

It is a land of meetings where all the imprints of civilizations have marked the history of this country. You only need to exchange a smile with a Tunisian to find yourself drinking tea at home, conviviality is the order of the day in Tunisia!

Pour les gens qui sont à la recherche d’une banque avec des services moins coûteux, il est nécessaire de se renseigner sur la meilleure banque en ligne à partir de notre comparatif.

Thus, more and more foreigners want to buy in Tunisia: retirees or younger couples combining holiday homes and future retirement… the country offers more affordable house-villas in a magical setting!

So here are some tips to avoid making mistakes or getting tricked if you feel like a long-term Tunisian stay.

Before buying real estate:
– check that the land is not intended for agriculture (agricultural land cannot be acquired by a foreigner), the government does not give its authorization for the purchase of agricultural land;
– ensure the land situation of a property registered with the competent Land Property Conservation. Real estate in the medinas can be acquired, but most often it is not registered.

Essential points to check:
– the nature of the land (agricultural or not);
– the registration of the property (to be verified at the municipality);
– registration of the seller’s property rights;
– the vocation of the place (building land, tourist area);
– the absence of a retention of title clause for the benefit of the Tunisian State.

And above all, to acquire real estate, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to obtain the authorization of the Governorate and that of the Central Bank of Tunisia. This prior purchase authorization signed by the Governor is compulsory for the purchaser of foreign nationality. The deadlines for obtaining the authorization differ according to the governorates but they are on average one year, at least.

Then, you must sign a promise to purchase before a notary (valid for about 6 months) and pay an advance on the total price (around 10%), this deposit is however not compulsory. This advance must be paid into a bank account opened with a Tunisian bank, to justify the entry of foreign currency into the country. But be careful, provide a clause for the return of the deposit in the event of refusal of the authorization by the Governor.

The authorization granted, the final sales contract signed and the registration procedures carried out with the Conservation of Land Ownership, at this precise moment the rest of the payment must be paid into your Tunisian bank account. This bank will issue an “investment sheet”, again to justify the entry of currencies. The notaries will then draft the contract which will be signed by the seller and the buyer. Finally, you will need to provide the Central Bank of Tunisia with the investment sheet to obtain your final purchase registration from the Land Property Administration.

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